Bronco Bowl Entertainment Complex,
Dallas, TX. by Frank Campagna
Summer 2000

the original shovelfan

I was asked to do a mural at the Bronco Bowl here in Dallas. The entertainment center has several nightclubs, a bowling alley, and a 3,200 seat concert hall. The desired effect was to fill seven 8' x 26' foot sections with something like 'a funky warehouse'. With this in mind I decided to pay tribute to the '4-R's', Rock & Roll, (bands that have played the venue), and Texas pop artist Mr. Robert Rauschenberg. Featured breaking through the junk-art assemblages are 'house favorites' including Sheryl Crow, Alice Cooper, Lenny Kravitz, B.B. King, the Cult and David Bowie.

All brick, stone, and wood, were carved and real junk was found, cleaned, painted and then reconstructed as new unknown objects. A gig of this magnitude kept myself, plus assistants Todd Grand Pre, and my son Frankie, busy for over a month. If you ever get a chance to see a show here, check this out as you enter the building.

David Bowie


b. b. king




Lenny Kravitz


Painting entire bands can be a pain, sometimes images works better.


Alice Cooper