Lifeforms Series

1988 - 1994

The Lifeforms series was inspired by the births of my two children.

This painting entitled 'My Second Wind'  celebrates my refocus on

fine art after a few years of messing around in the music biz!

The series was enhanced by several murals also created during this time.

'T.V. Generation' 1993, 48"x32", donated to the Dallas Museum of Art.

Some aspects were later incorporated into my first 'Tunnelvisions' mural.


'As Above, So Below' 1991, 42"x60",

Later painted much larger (18 x 22 feet) for a DFW muralist competition.

Note the inter-locked, heavenly & earthbound profiles.


scurry on

'Scurry On' (6 x 9 feet)

Purchased by a Dallas Cowboy!


'Main Attraction'


'Idealist Notion'

42' x 60'


'Minimalist Response'

donated to the Dallas Museum of Art



So that's about all I can locate right now...

There were a lot of this type of thing knocked out during this time

I guess I failed to document as well as I should have...