A Million Words are Worth a Picture!

gaya - our lady of deep ellum

These are works from the ongoing "Million Words are Worth a Picture" series.
All works are created in newsprint from old issues of "LM'n'O.P." a magazine
I published out of the Deep Ellum area of Dallas with my bro John Noffsinger in 94 / 95.

All works are property of the artist and may not be used without permission.


august creek
'August Creek'

a tribute piece to Pierre August Renoir,

1998, 24"x72" inches.

without a net

The beauty of working in this format is that my world, shines through in each and every bit of these works
in a multi-perspective way. Aside from that I feel as an artist, this technique is unique enough to
push the envelope just slightly beyond what has come before me.


leadbelly blind lemon
the stranger bonnie and clyde
nude 1 nude 2
the waitress) the woman
tails howling wolf
the brush crucifixit
the hammer screwdriver
paint anywhere stars


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