Here's some stuff to look at...


Spector 45

5 / 06 - Knocked out this sweet CD cover for my sons band Spector 45!

To learn more about his band click here!


kettle art gallery dallas, texas

11/ 20/ 05 - Been working w/ some really fine people to put this gallery together.
It's called Kettle Art and is located in Deep Ellum.


hunter jackson

keith richard

chuck dukowski

9/ 16/ 05 - In Their Own Words...  new commissioned paintings made with book exerpts on these subjects.


chuck1.jpg (49159 bytes)

chuck berry

little richard

pinup.jpg (48876 bytes)

8/ 28/ 05 - Here are a few things I've been playing with for a while now.
I love stencils! Been making 'em since 1977 or so. Now they're nearly
a bonifide artform that's both easy and fun to do in my spare time..



7/ 22/ 05 - Just knocked out a 12 x 30 for the Black Forest Theatre featuring Erykah Badu...
Painted in 14 hours, start to finish, w/ assistant Amber C.

amber campagna
7/ 12/ 05 - My daughter Amber is becoming one kick ass Artist!
We'll be doing an exhibition together next week for the first time!


deep ellum self storage

5/ 20/ 05 Haven't updated in a long time so here... just finished a sweet mural.

btw - did I mention documentation is a pain in the ass?


Robert Plant

March / Somethingth/ 05 - I was asked to create some Robert Plant memorabilia for his stop

here in Dallas, so I did ten of these... He grabbed one and so did I, the rest sold that day.


yoyo ma    johnny depp

1/ 18/ 05 - Here are a couple of commisions that have helped me

make it through the toughest & coldest time of year...


dimebag    dave williams

12/ 13/ 04 - Was commissioned to paint memorial murals of local music icons,

Dimebag Darrell of Pantera / Damageplan fame,

and Dave Williams of Drowning Pool,

on Universal Rehearsal studios.


the hives

11/ 04 - Painted this at Gypsy Tea Room for the Hives

(their new cd is called Tyranosaurus Hives)


beatles2.jpg (85798 bytes)    weekends.jpg (224568 bytes)

6/ 04 - Been working on this retro oriented

restaurant  in Rowlett, TX called Weekends!


trsig04lt.jpg (24819 bytes)

5/ 04 - Met w/ rockstar Todd Rundgren

to have my limited edition prints autographed.

To see more of this series click here!


brndnboyd2.jpg (39429 bytes)

3/ 04 - Did a painting of Brandon Boyd for a friend in Houston.


FCampagna-MAC-1838.jpeg (99012 bytes)  

11/03 Cranked out this 18 x 24 mural in front of the MAC,

aka the McKinney Avenue Contemporary

One of the finest art centers in Dallas.


aclfestlt.jpg (74230 bytes)

7/ 03 painted this advertisement for the

Austin City Limits Music Festival...


tvdsgnclrsm2.jpg (18252 bytes)

11/10/02 - Pulled off the massive final exection of Tunnelvisions

the Deep Ellum area gateway series.

To see more of this project click here!


02dadlater.jpg (181109 bytes)

Here I am working on my piece for this Texas sized drive through art effort!


strmwvs2.jpg (81948 bytes)

10/17/02 - Painted a large piece for Streamwaves,

an internet music subscription service.


todd914.jpg (265579 bytes)

09/01/02 - Broke ground on building an art studio,

thanks to my bros, John Noffsinger and Todd Grand Pre.


coke1.jpg (15433 bytes)

06/10/02 - Knocked out a very large mural for Coke's

one hundred year anniversary party this past weekend.

To see more of this project click here!


roots.jpg (52007 bytes)

5/ 02 Was interviewed for National Geographic TV while painting this one!


ellumartfest.jpg (38007 bytes)

04/15/02 - Was featured artist at the Deep Ellum Art Festival

and had a booth with bro Broose Dickinson.


frankieclebo2.jpg (24203 bytes)

We sold art and my son Frankie jammed w/

two time world champion slam poet Clebo Rainey.

Deep Ellum Art Festival


pourhouse.jpg (51793 bytes)

03/22/02 - Finished a good sized mural in downtown

Fort Worth, Texas, at a place called the Pourhouse.

To see more of this project click here!


jimmybert.jpg (24012 bytes)

02/ 15/ 02 - Took my daughter to see one her favorite bands, Jimmy Eat World.

So here she is w/ Jimmy after soundcheck!


momo.jpg (131708 bytes)

02/10/02 - My grandmother, the number one inspiration of my life,

and native New Yorker for 93 years passed away.

The visit to NYC brought me back to my roots!


punk rock dinosaurs

1/11/02 - The Punk Rock Dinosaurs played for my bro

John's 45th birthday party at Red Blood Club.


meflag.jpg (57634 bytes)

10 /01 - I painted this on 9-11

Some goof-ball decided to get technical w/ me in the press.

To see more of this controversy click here!

flag.jpg (2354 bytes)

9/ 2001

Gypsy Tea Room Art home.jpg (3253 bytes) early.jpg (4280 bytes)