Gypsy Tea Room Art
by Frank Campagna
All works CAMPAGNA - 2006

Gypsy Tea Room exterior 10/ 06/ 2002

I painted murals for Gypsy Tea Room for eight years.

It was voted the best live music venue every year

1998 - 2006 by readers of the Dallas Observer.

Each mural was 8 x 12 feet and took a day each to create.

Sadly it closed in early 2007 leaving a huge void in the Dallas music scene.

patti smith
5/ 26/ 2004
I have always loved Patti Smith. I was told when she saw this painting, she ran across the street and bought a disposable camera... After shooting pictures she was overheard saying that I'd made her look 20 years younger! Cool huh?

These murals were replaced whenever a featured date was over,

so the wall was ever evolving & interesting to look at!

Painting them was kind of like doing billboard art,

but as a high profile "bread and butter gig" it couldn't be beat.


damien rice
11/ 03/ 2003
A few years back a live recording of this very show was released for fans only. The people who put it out used this art for the cover and sent me a copy. I later bought 'O' It's one of the deepest most heartfelt records I've heard in years.

Some of this artwork has been used for CD covers, posters, website decoration etc. 

relating or non relating to the artists these paintings were originated for.

I don't mind because I've taken and reappropriated alot of these images myself,

However, I would appreciate it if you'd ask first...


About a year ago a church asked if they could use this dove on the cover of a choir CD they were releasing.
I didn't ask their views on abortion or gay marriage, only that they send me a finished product.

They never did...

the doves8/ 26/ 2002

Anyway, here are some examples of my work...

ryan cabrerra liz phair jimmy eat world
oar or Of a Revolution siouxsiel sioux willie nelson
paul westerberg flogging molly trail of dead
patti smith umphrees mcgee musiq2nd.jpg (22839 bytes)
rooney north mississippi allstars 2006 lucinda williams
d jshadow franz ferdinand the killers
cradle of filth the hives snow patrol
erykah badu ryan adams spoonfed tribe
damien rice; used for bootleg cover art gomez ice cube
snoop dog chris robinson les claypool

sisters of mercy

galactic 2006 G Love & Special Sauce
dark star orchestra 2003 big head todd and the monsters 2005 leftover salmon 2002.
driveby truckers she wants revenge john hiatt
scissor sisters shaggy 2 dope sonic youth
echo and the bunnymen - 2006 ray davies 2006 slightly stoopid 2006

If you'd like to see over 100 of these murals in a 'slam bang' style slideshow click here!

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Flag Controversy
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