at Grand Prairie Art

by Frank Campagna

aretha franklin

This is an interesting gig...

I have been working with this new, state of the art venue, since March of 2002,

creating advertising panels that are autographed by each artist following their performance.

I believe these will be auctioned off at the end of each year for a non-profit organization.

In all, it's art, that advertises, and then benefits charity, a very cool angle if you can work it!


paul anka     buddy holly

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pink     blue collar comedy
olgasig.jpg (33684 bytes)     olga tannon
Olga Tanon signs her piece
bonnie raitt     doobie brothers
jewel      alanis morissette
marc anthony     lyle lovett
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james brown      joe satriani
Update; The place got sold to Nokia, became profitable, eliminated artistic freedom
and hired someone else to paint their crap for less.
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All  works are owned by  the artists /   musicians,

and / or CAMPAGNA  - 2002